Air fryers can cook various types of healthy meals at the press of a button, and that’s the reason for its popularity. Whether it’s a seasoned chef or a full-time homeowner, air fryer is everybody’s favorite.

But what is the maximum duration an air fryer could run without causing problems? This thought must’ve crossed your mind once when cooking for numerous guests you had on the weekend.

So, let’s not waste time and understand how long an air fryer can stay on. I’ll also provide some safety tips when using your air fryer for long periods.

How Long Can Your Air Fryer Stay On?

How long an air fryer stays on depends on its model, make, and brand. High-end air fryers can cook for a long time without any problems.

However, you can keep cooking in your air fryer for the whole day by taking small breaks between each cooking cycle. An air fryer can work up to 50 minutes in a single run without causing any issues.

Most air fryers have a safety auto-off feature that turns off the air fryer after a fixed time, ranging from 45-60 minutes.

As per the experience of air fryer users, most meals take less than 30 minutes to cook thoroughly. Some recipes, like a whole chicken roast, can take up to 50 minutes, but such recipes are less in number.

If you want to know the exact time your air fryer can keep running continuously, refer to its user manual. The company provides a complete description of using an air fryer safely.

How to Cook in an Air Fryer for Longer Periods?

When guests crash on your door, cooking for them can take your whole day. Having an air fryer in your kitchen takes away half the trouble. You can cook delicious meals quickly.

But you may feel skeptical about cooking in your air fryer for a long time. What if it gets damaged due to overheating? Or what if it catches fire, endangering your life?

Well, there’s no need to worry about this. Here’s how you can cook in your air fryer for longer without damaging it:

If you follow this process, nothing stops you from cooking in an air fryer for the whole day.

Safety Tips For Using an Air Fryer For Prolonged Periods

As I mentioned, there’s no problem cooking in your air fryer all day. However, this can’t be done unless you follow the essential safety tips to avoid mishaps.


It’s a pleasant experience to cook in your air fryer all day. It reduces the cooking time and all the stress you encounter while cooking.

However, you should be careful and understand how long can an air fryer stay on.

Typically, an air fryer can run up to 50 minutes in a single run without causing any problems. High-end air fryers can run up to 60-70 minutes continuously.

If you want to use your air fryer for whole-day cooking, that’s also possible. You should keep small breaks of 10-15 minutes between each cooking cycle.

Besides that, you should also be careful and follow all the basic safety tips to avoid accidents.

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