Range Hood Making Noise When Off? Complete Solution Here

Range hood in a kitchen

Range hoods make substantial noise while running, that can cause you a little discomfort. However, we (range hood users) ignore that noise because: But how to deal with a range hood making noise while it’s turned off? You’ll have to endure the noise all day long, which can be too frustrating. What can be the […]

5 Easy & Proven Ways to Clean a Kitchen Chimney

Kitchen chimney cleaning

Kitchen chimneys have become an essential part of a modern kitchen, keeping it clean & odor-free. A kitchen chimney sucks out all the smoke and oil fumes while you’re cooking. A filter present in the chimney separates all the oils & grease particles from the smoke. All the smoke is then passed to the air […]

Can You Vent a Range Hood Down Through the Basement?

Venting range hood through basement

Range hoods save you the trouble of inhaling all the smoke & odor while cooking. They use a duct pipe to route away the toxic air to the outdoors. For maximum efficiency, you should install the duct pipe carefully. Most people either install a straight vertical pipe through the roof or horizontally through the exterior […]