Can You Put Toothpicks in an Air Fryer? Find Out Now

Using toothpicks inside air fryer

Toothpicks were made for removing food residue from your tooth and for dental cleaning. But nowadays, you’ll likely find a pack of toothpicks in your kitchen than elsewhere, as they are widely used to help secure foods and hold them down. When it comes to air frying, toothpicks can be used to hold together stuffed […]

Can You Take an Air fryer on a Plane? Find Out NOW

Taking an air fryer on a plane

Air fryers are popular because they can cook your favorite food while keeping it healthy at the same time. But what about when you’re traveling and don’t want to binge on unhealthy street food? You’ll have to carry your air fryer while traveling if you’re serious about not sacrificing your healthy diet. But can you […]

Can I Wrap Chicken In Foil In Air Fryer? Find Out HERE

Can I wrap chicken in foil in air fryer

Everybody loves eating chicken, right? There are so many popular chicken recipes worldwide that you won’t ever run out of new ideas. With the invention of air fryers, it’s a delight to cook chicken recipes nowadays. The air fryer provides a carefree cooking experience. Many chicken recipes require you to use aluminum foil. When using […]

Power Air Fryer Fan Not Working: 5 Easy Fixes

Power air fryer fan not working

Air fryers are a life-saver when it comes to healthy cooking. They use a lot less oil than normal cooking methods. The best thing about cooking with an air fryer is the ease of use. You don’t need to keep a watch all the time. It’s a delight to cook with an air fryer. However, […]