Air fryers are popular because they can cook your favorite food while keeping it healthy at the same time. But what about when you’re traveling and don’t want to binge on unhealthy street food?

You’ll have to carry your air fryer while traveling if you’re serious about not sacrificing your healthy diet. But can you bring an air fryer on a plane?

Here comes the good part:

You can take an air fryer in a plane as long as you follow the baggage rules of the airlines you’re traveling in. You can keep the air fryer in the carry-on luggage if its size allows. Otherwise, you can place it in the check-in baggage.

However, you should know your airline’s baggage dimensions and weight guidelines. That’ll save you a lot of trouble and help you decide whether to take your air fryer with you or not.

Read on to learn more about how to take an air fryer inside a plane. I’ll also cover all the important details to remember while doing so.

Let’s dive right in.

How to Take an Air Fryer on a Plane?

Taking an air fryer on a plane is not a tough task if you know about the luggage guidelines & rules of the airlines. You’ll also need to ensure proper packaging for your air fryer before taking it on a flight.

Basically, here are the 3 main things you should care about when taking your air fryer on a plane:

  1. Airline Baggage Guidelines
  2. Packing the air fryer
  3. Storing the air fryer

Let’s look at each of them and understand the process of carrying an air fryer on a flight.

Airlines Baggage Guidelines

Every airline has a baggage policy which specifies the following:

These rules & guidelines vary from airline to airline. If your stuff exceeds the specified weight and dimension, you’ll have to pay an extra fee.

Now carrying an air fryer won’t add much weight to your luggage. However, it can take up a lot of space and even more if it’s a premium model.

While flying within or outside the United States, Canada, United Kingdom etc., the general airline luggage rules according to IATA are:

These figures can change slightly depending on the airline you’re traveling with. So, it’s best to call them beforehand and clear any doubts.

When traveling with an air fryer on a plane, place it in such a way that it easily fits inside your suitcase or bag. Use a scale to measure the dimensions of your air fryer and check whether it exceeds the specified dimensions.

You may have to pay an extra fee to carry your air fryer on the flight if it does. However, this happens rarely as most air fryers can fit inside your check-in baggage without causing any problems.

You’ll also need to pack your air fryer efficiently. This takes us to the next step of your query, packing the air fryer.

Packing The Air Fryer

After you’ve confirmed that your air fryer meets the baggage criteria of the airline, you’ll need to pack it with care. Otherwise, the air fryer can get damaged, or you may not be allowed to take it on the plane.

To save yourself from any trouble, follow these steps that’ll help you pack your air fryer efficiently:

  1. Plug in and check that the air fryer is in working condition. Airport security may not allow your air fryer on the plane if it’s not working properly.
  2. Remove all the detachable parts (trays, basket etc.) from your air fryer, including the handle and wire.
  3. Clean all the dirt & grease using soap and water and ensure your air fryer and all its parts are completely clean & dry.
  4. Use bubble wrap or a shock-absorbing material to wrap your air fryer from all sides. Keep all the other parts in a separate ziplock or carry bag.
  5. Don’t store the air fryer in its original box, as it’ll take up huge space in your luggage. Instead, keep it directly in your trolley bag. You can also store the air fryer in your backpack if it’s a small one.
  6. Pack all the other removable parts together and keep them in your cabin or checked luggage.

Storing The Air Fryer

After packing the air fryer for your journey, you’ll need to store it efficiently to avoid any inconvenience while traveling. Depending on certain factors, you can store the air fryer in your carry-on or checked luggage.

Let me explain further.

Carry-on or Cabin Baggage

Carry-on baggage refers to the stuff you can carry with you in the plane’s passenger compartment. The allowed size & weight of carry-on luggage is very less, as we already saw.

The ideal cabin luggage is one that can fit in the overhead cabin or below the passenger seat. So, if your air fryer fits inside any of those places, you can take it as carry-on luggage. Make sure to clean the air fryer, so it doesn’t emit a bad smell of rotten food.

However, only a few air fryers are that small. In most cases, your air fryer won’t fit in the overhead cabin or below the seat. So, we move on to the second and best option.

Checked Baggage

Checked luggage has higher limits when it comes to the size & weight of your bags. It’s stored in the hold of a plane, just below the passenger compartment.

Air fryers are bulky in size, and fitting them in cabin baggage is rarely possible. So the best way to take your air fryer on a plane is to store it in checked baggage.

As I said, don’t pack your fryer in its original packaging; it’ll take up all of your space. Pack it in bubble wrap and then store it in your bag. You can further cushion it with your clothes on all sides.

As you know, a passenger can check in 2 luggage pieces without paying any extra charge. So you can store other things in a different bag if there is no space in the first one. Just ensure that both bags are within the specified limits of your airline.

If your air fryer is too large to even fit in your checked baggage, pack it in a cardboard box with proper cushioning. Take that box as standalone luggage along with one other bag.

However, even if the size of your air fryer exceeds the allowed range, you won’t have to leave it at the airport. Airlines charge you an extra fee to allow such luggage. The fee can range anywhere from $50-$200, depending on the size and weight of your luggage.

Things to Remember While Traveling With an Air Fryer

Now that you know how to take your air fryer on a plane, you can relax and start packing for your next trip.

But before parting ways, I’d like to mention a few things you should remember when bringing an air fryer on a flight.


Taking an air fryer on a plane is not rocket science. You just need to take care of a few things before you do so:

See? How easy it is to bring an air fryer on a plane. Now that you understand how to do so, pack your bags and be ready to travel. With your air fryer handy, you won’t have to eat street junk food anymore.

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